Friday, 9 May 2014

My name is Ella Mason, ive just completed by second year at university and im awaiting my results - (Fingers crossed they will be awesome!)
Anyways, i wanted to broadcast my work not only to get myself noticed but as a reminder to myself that i can do this!
I have come such a long way from college and there has been many of times that ive thought "WHAT AM I DOING" But im glad i saw everything through. This determination has not only helped to inspire me but its encouraged me to achieve the highest standard possible.

I know there are people out there in the big world that are fantastic designers, one day maybe i wish to be in their shoes, however thats a big wish, and they are big shoes to fill...
So here it is, some of my best pieces of work... The rest can be found on my behance page - link at the bottom of the page.

So, here are a few finished pieces of work ive done throughout my small amount of time at uni...Hopefully third year will bring so much more opportunities and successful finished out comes...
My behance account is

Watch this space!